Granular Oak Infusion Bags

Get all the rich and complex flavors and aromas from Gusmer’s Oak-Mor and Oak Avantage with ease and convenience by using Gusmer’s Granular Oak Infusion Bags. Each bag has a dry weight of 10 pounds, allowing for maximum dosing without presenting a lifting hazard. A fabric loop sewn into the bag makes for easy anchoring in a tank. Validation studies were conducted to ensure that the Granular Oak Infusion Bags meet the highest standards.

Key Features

  • Inert Aroma and Flavor
    Triangle tests were conducted using skilled wine tasters to assure complete neutrality of the bag in regards to off-flavors or aromas in ciders even when the bag is in contact with the cider for long periods of time.
  • Low Dust Dispersion
    Less than 1 percent of the granular oak is “dusted” through the bag during shipping, handling or during extraction. This confirms the infusion bag’s ability to retain the granular oak.
  • Extraction Time and Organoleptic Profile
    Trials comparing the extraction rates and organoleptic profile of granular oak added to a tank in the loose form and granular oak in the Granular Oak Infusion Bags show comparable rates of extraction and flavor and aroma profiles.

Gusmer’s Oak Infusion Bags are a simple and convenient means to use granular oak either during cider cellaring or for the production of concentrated oak blending ciders. Secure the bag to the tank using the fabric loop. Full extraction of oak flavors and aromas are typically achieved in 10 – 20 days. Remove the bags after the tank has been pumped out. The granular oak is retained in the infusion bag. The 10 pound infusion bag weighs no more than 40 pounds when fully wetted.

Granular Oak Infusion Bags are available in Premium Oak-Mor, Toasted Oak-Mor, Oak Avantage French Granular Oak, and Oak Avantage American Granular Oak-Mor.

Infusion bags come in both 50 pound sacks (5 x 10 pound infusion bags) or in bulk-packed pallets (54 x 10 pound infusion bags).


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