MilliporeSigma Microbial Monitoring Tools

Gusmer Enterprises and MilliporeSigma have combined efforts to bring the wine industry the necessary tools to conduct microbiological process monitoring at critical points throughout the cider making process. Our line of process monitoring tools is designed for convenience, cost effectiveness, and quality. These tools are essential to help ensure product safety and microbial stability at all critical points, such as fermentation, storage, filtration and bottling. From simple setups to advanced systems, these tools are designed to fit into the monitoring regimes of every facility and are easy enough for any microbiological skill level.

Vacuum Source or Pump
Provides the vacuum required to pull a sample through the membrane
EZ-Stream Pump
Manifold or Filtering Flask
Provides the support for the membrane and funnel as well as an exit for the liquid
EZ-Fit Manifold
Funnel or Filter Holder
Holds the sample during filtration
EZ-Microfil Funnel Devices
Retains the target microbes contained in the liquid sample
EZ-Pak Membranes
Petri-Dish and Pad
Dishes used to combine membrane and media
Petri-Pad Petri-Dish
Growth Media
Substance to provide growing nutrients in either liquid or agar form
WL Sterile Ampoule
Incubator and Colony Counter
Provides controlled conditions to grow microbial colonies which can be counted

EZ-Stream™ Pump
The new MilliporeSigma EZ-Stream vacuum filtration pump is specifically designed for microbiological analysis. The compact design is ideal for both the work bench and the laminar flow hood. The vacuum is provided by a maintenance-free diaphragm. Check valves allow liquids to run directly through the pump. There is no need to use any waste containers normally associated with traditional air pumps or an in-house vacuum, eliminating the need for repeated emptying of heavy waste containers. The EZ-Stream has also been optimized for maximum noise reduction during operation. Watch EZ-Stream Pump Video

EZ-Fit™ Manifold
The first truly plug-and-play manifold compatible with multiple formats of filtration tulips. The MilliporeSigma EZ-Fit manifold is designed to be sanitary and low profile, operates with quick connect fittings for easy disassembly or adaptation to meet a variety of needs. No tools are needed for disassembly and all areas are easily cleaned. Works with all formats of reusable or sterile disposable funnels or membrane holders.Watch EZ-Fit Manifold Video

EZ-Pak® Curve
The MilliporeSigma EZ-Pak Curve is the next generation of EZ-Pak sterile membrane dispenser from MilliporeSigma. It features a motion activated sensor for automatic and hands-free dispensing of a sterile membrane for micro-plating or filterability work. The design allows for fast and easy loading of EZ-Pak membrane bands. Compatible with all current EZ-Pak membranes. Watch EZ-Pak Curve Video

EZ-Pak Membranes
Smaller volume labs may prefer the S-Pak, individually wrapped and pre-sterilized membrane filter disks. Microfil® funnels can be purchased bundled with both EZ-Pak and S-Pak filters for easy ordering. MilliporeSigma’s Microfil manifold is specifically designed for ease of use with funnels.

Liquid Media and Petri-Pad® Petri Dishes
Ready-to-use 2 ml plastic ampoules of sterile liquid media save time and effort when you only have a few samples to culture. No need to prepare media, simply uncap the ampoule and squeeze the sterile media into a Petri-Pad Petri dish’s absorbent pad. Petri-Pad sterile 47 mm petri dishes with preloaded pads come fully assembled and ready to use. Each pad conveniently absorbs 2 ml of liquid media to instantly prepare it to receive an EZ-Pak or S-Pak membrane filter for culturing. View MilliporeSigma Liquid Ampoule Culture Media Wine Application Guide

Granulated (Dehydrated) Media
Granulated media offers several key advantages over traditional dehydrated media including: each granule contains the exact ingredient proportions and no settling or separation of media ingredients that can lead to inconsistent tests. It also has faster dissolution, easier to weigh, reduced dust and inhaling of particles and no sticking to glassware that can cause media waste and inconsistent results. MilliporeSigma specifies the highest performance criteria available on the market in its media quality certificates. Additional media formulations and versions available.