Viniflora CiNe

A secondary malolactic fermentation, in which malic acid is converted to lactic acid, can offer further complexity and stability to cider and perry. Whether a traditional, light-bodied or fruit-driven brew, malolactic bacteria can be used to further enhance flavors and aromas, such as fruit or diacetyl, and can soften the perception of acid. Chr. Hansen’s Viniflora® bacteria is pure Oenococcus oeni and is available in a direct inoculation format.

Viniflora® CiNe is a freeze-dried, direct inoculation starter culture of Oenococcus oeni. CiNe is a unique strain that does not metabolize citric acid therefore it does not produce diacetyl or the typical buttery/creamy flavor traditionally linked to malolactic cultures.

Pouch Size to Treat:  660 gal

Key Features

  • Recommended for cider and perry
  • Freeze-dried bacteria and ready for direct inoculation – does not require rehydration
  • High numbers of active cells which ensure a quick start of fermentation
  • This strain is pH tolerant to 3.2, total SO2 to 30 ppm, temperature 62 – 77° F and alcohol to 14% (v/v).
  • Low level of volatile acidity
  • Cinnamoyl Esterase Positive
Chr Hansen Viniflora CiNe Product Data Sheet
Chr Hansen Vinflora CiNe SDS