Maturation Enzyme

Enzymes are widely used in apple and pear juice processing and cider production to improve product quality, yield and to expedite processing. Macerating enzymes are applied to fruit for improved juice extraction and press efficiencies. Pectinases are used in juice and cider to increase settling and improve filtration and clarification. Novozymes, the world’s largest manufacturer of enzymes to the food industries, and Gusmer have supplied enzymes to the beverage markets for over 35 years. Gusmer stocks a full inventory of granular and liquid enzymes for juice and cider processing.

A blend of beta-glucanase and pectinase designed to liberate glyco-mannoproteins from yeast cell walls. Dosed post-fermentation to enrich colloidal substances, and enhance roundness and mouthfeel in the finished product.

Maturation Enzyme

  • VinoTaste® Pro – 250 g

Contact your Gusmer Technical Sales Representative for specific applications, dose rate and advice.


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